Brand Development

The industry is now more competitive than ever. To shine, you are in constant need of new perspectives, out-of-box ideas.
Here in Artology, our experienced team will provide you with the best dynamic strategies with specific courses of action required to build your brand based on real time research.

Strategic Planning

We believe in sustainability.
As your strategic planner, we intend to follow that belief with objective driven plans backed by research analysis, followed by implementation and a strategic analysis report based on the result.

Content Marketing

In the present market, content means power.
We are here with strategies to retain and engage audiences using creative designs, animated videos, 3d videos, short videos, thumbstoppers, series contents, relevant articles.

AR & VR Creation

With our strong 3D production strength we can bring objects from another world or transport you to another dimension through augmented and virtual reality.

3D Animation & VFX

We create the best photorealistic output of 3d production in the country.
3D animated contents with magical VFX for brands to stand out from the monotonous contents.

Influencer Marketing

Creating influencer marketing campaign following the brand objectives where relevant influencer endorse the brand, create contents and many other activities to create buzz on digital and traditional places.

TVC & OVC Production

Our team members, in their own individual careers, have so far created 300+ TVC and OVC for renowned Bangladeshi and multinational brands. 

Experienced in commercial scripts and creative direction, we have our own production team. 

Digital Marketing

We believe stories have the ability to change life. We believe stories impact brands in the same way. That’s where digital marketing comes. That’s why we’re here.

Digital integrated creative agency connecting every moment in meaningful modern ways with idea-led, media-neutral approach.

Data & Analytics

In this age of fast information-flow, data and analytics is essential. The whole world is driven by data. We are here to use data properly to connect with your target group.

Artology will analyze data and performance reports to get findings that will help to take necessary steps for improving your business and making effective decisions.

Digital, Print & TV Media Buying

Identifying the best audience for your brand and do result-driven plan appropriately to utilize the budget of advertising in social media, mainstream media and other platforms.